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    Replace Tears by Cheers

    I look into the baby’s eyes
    Which are glistening like ice
    Though the sparkle is nice
    It needs mother’s love-device

    Bulls’ eyes always have tears
    No cow, no calf and no cheers
    All my tears my mother clears
    Perennial tears, if she disappears

    The beggar’s child cries in hunger
    It could not bear hunger longer
    To bear hunger it is not stronger
    Weeps not man the power-monger

    A child’s fear for injection
    Results in tears’ ejection
    It can offer only objection
    But it cannot exercise rejection

    In labor pains mother cries
    To console her, father tries
    But because both are wise
    A prize comes for their enterprise

    Joy or sorrow, tears may form
    They may calm or create a storm
    Everything happens as per God’s norm
    Let us pray to solve every harm

    Tears and sweats we must get
    Heart and body both will wet
    For a perfect life, both must be met
    Life is zero if they come not yet

    Tears, to try, will induce
    Determination, it will produce
    Love to be idle, it will reduce
    They are of immense use

    If tears are perennial
    Living will be very cruel
    But if efforts are true and real
    Tears can be given a firm denial

    When mind and heart are heated
    Tears are automatically created
    Through eyes they are eliminated
    A soul’s position is clearly stated

    Tears also we badly in life need
    A matured life they help us lead
    To wipe off tears let us plead
    To our requests, may God heed

    Tears are in God’s laws compulsory
    Reasons for tears may widely vary
    Finding out the reasons is necessary
    As watery eyes have a background story.



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